Insights Discovery

Are you a business owner, leader or HR partner looking to:

  • increase the productivity of your company?

  • help your people to become more effective at work?

  • improve collaboration, communication and relationships among the people who work for you? or,

  • increase the performance of a team or organisation as a whole?

Imagine if everyone in your organisation could share a common language…

If people were self aware, could communicate effectively and appreciate each other’s strengths and weaknesses….

If leaders knew more about the needs of the people that worked for them and how to communicate in a way people respond to…..

Wouldn’t this make life significantly easier and better for everyone?

This is where Insights Discovery comes in. Insights Discovery is one of the world’s leading personality profiling tools which uses a model based on colours to allow people to easily understand themselves and others and make the most of the relationships they bring to the workplace.

At The People Person we have over 15 years’ experience of delivering impactful, energising Insights Discovery workshops for a range of organisations and with 121 Coaching Clients.

Take a look at the short video below to learn a little more.

 Out of many tools out there Insights Discovery is our preferred one because;

  1. It’s accurate, spookily so.

  2. It’s conveyed in a way that makes sense,

  3. It is scientifically proven and robust,

  4. it improves people's relationships and communication

  5. it's easy to remember (using colours instead of technical jargon to illustrate concepts),

  6. the workshops are actually fun, and most of all people love it.

With half and full day interactive workshops, your people attending will receive a detailed and personalised report detailing the key aspects of their unique personality, how they like to communicate, their strengths, weaknesses and their blind spots as well as learning how to communicate and relate much more effectively to their opposite types.

Then, we blend all the information together at a team level to see where you complement and clash and we explore how to leverage your combined strengths and overcome your weaknesses. Bravo!