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  • Could you improve your life, career or business in 30 minutes?

  • Ever wondered what it'd be like to have a life or business coach and if it could help you?

  • Would you like to be coached for free, by a qualified and highly experienced coach?

I coach & train Leaders, entrepreneurs and professional creatives to develop themselves personally and in their professional lives so they can be happier and more successful.

We do this through regular 60-90 minute sessions where I support, challenge and direct people towards their goals until they reach them.

However, I’m curious to know the value someone can get in a single, one-off, “power” 30 minute laser focussed coaching session. Here’s where you come in!

To test it out so I am offering very limited free spaces for people in the creative worlds who have not worked with me before, based anywhere, to receive a 30 minute Power Coaching Skype session on an area that’s holding them back, bothering them, or getting in their way of happiness or success in life or work.

Sound interesting? Keep reading, you’re nearly there!

To be eligible for a FREE Power Coaching session with me you:

  • Have a real and current issue you want to work on - either in your working or personal life

  • Are prepared to take action to achieve your goal or address the issue

  • Are available for a 30 minute Skype coaching session during normal working hours on w/c 1st or 8th October.

  • Work in a creative, entertainment or purposeful profession or run your own business.

  • Agree to complete a form before our session outlining the area we are working on and 2 short evaluation forms afterwards - one directly after our Skype and one a few weeks later. << This one is essential, please only sign up if you agree to do this in exchange!

That’s it!

And in return you might just move yourself to the next level or solve that issue that’s been holding you back.

If you would like to get involved then please fill in the form to book your appointment and I will be in touch shortly after to arrange our session.

Here’s what others have had to say about Power Coaching with The People Person:

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