The Authentic Charisma Connection

Develop Your Authentic Charisma - For Leaders Who Are Prepared To Step Far, Far Out of Their Comfort Zone

Authentic charisma - can you teach it? We think not. Can you leverage what you've already got? 100%.

Research has shown that Charismatic Leaders outperform their counterparts by 60%. As work changes, structures become flatter and employees expect more from their leaders, my guess is that this will only increase.

I am an accredited coach of the Authentic Charisma Connection trained directly by Nikki Owen, international charisma expert.  Through the Authentic Charisma coaching programme over 12 weeks we will merge science and spiritual wisdom to help you to unlock your own authentic charisma,  getting far beneath the surface level and working at a deeply unconscious and subconscious level. 

Working with people in leadership roles who are prepared to step way outside their comfort zone in order to effect transformational change, we will use an array of techniques including dowsing, hypno-meditations, energy work and 360 degree feedback to measure your progress over the period of working together. 

This programme is not for everyone. It can be shocking, provocative and edgy and it's in the realms of "out there". If you’d like to know more please contact me. 

Price on Application.