The Alternative Exec

Personal & Professional Mastery For Non-Traditional Senior Leaders & Business Owners.

You’re not the typical "suit" and you’re not looking for the typical Executive Coach either. You’re an ambitious creative or purpose-driven Leader, Senior Manager or Business Owner with a kind heart and rebellious soul who is ready to take yourself, your people and your business to the next level.

As the saying goes, it can be tough at the top. You’ve got the burden of all the responsibility, the self-doubt that often accompanies it, the challenges of balancing home and work, and no one who is totally independent to either support you or to push you forward without any agenda other than your wellbeing and your success.

Personal mastery is as important to you as professional success so you want a “real-deal” coach who’s both a cheerleader and a challenger, one who will support you practically and philosophically across all spectrums of life and work so that you can have greater impact, connect with more people, do even better than you already are and ultimately live a more fulfilling life.


When You Engage Me As Your Coach I Will:

  • Challenge your thinking and explore your ideas with you with no bias, agenda, or games to play - giving you complete confidence you are making the right decisions for the right reasons.

  • Use my knowledge of people and how they work to help you to lead and inspire with even greater impact, make deeper, genuine connections with the right people and lead an organisation effectively.

  • Work with you holistically to support you with all elements of work, life, wellbeing, relationships and everything in between.

  • Give you a trusted, confidential and regular sounding board away from the chaos where you can reflect, consider your options and formulate strategies that will get you where you want to be.

  • Enable you to develop a clear sense of direction and vision, for yourself and for your organisation.

  • Help you to build your authentic leadership style instilling trust, engagement and commitment from those who follow you.

  • Enable you to create more powerful communication and relationships.

  • Provide you with honest feedback and supportive challenge so that you continue to personally develop and grow.

  • Help you build emotional resilience and manage the psychological elements of occupying a senior role.

  • If you are new to a senior or executive role, develop the skills and behaviours for you to succeed as you make and step into that transition.

  • Simply be there to listen and reduce the feelings of isolation many senior people and founders experience.


Over a 6 month period you will get :

  • 7 x 1 hour one to one monthly personal coaching session with me in person or by Skype (2 hour first meeting followed by 1 hour per month thereafter).

  • An Insights Discovery® Personality Profile Report worth over £150 plus additional one hour report debrief Skype session with me. This is the industry leading personality profiling tool and gives profound insight into your strengths, weaknesses, blind spots, how others see you and how you communicate.

  • Weekday email and phone access to me for support in between sessions.

  • 1 x copy of the book Emotional Intelligence 2.0 including Emotional Intelligence questionnaire and personal report helping you to become aware of your strengths and the areas that will help you to develop.

  • Focussed and challenging support on “hot spot” areas that you have already identified or which emerge through the process. Typically these can be areas such as maximising your effectiveness, organisational strategy, enhancing your EQ, getting the best out of people, developing your authentic leadership style, and uncovering limiting beliefs that are holding you back from reaching your potential and more.

  • Opportunity for 360 degree feedback compilation and analysis from your team and stakeholders if required*.

  • £10 donation on your behalf to the Lendwithcare organisation which supports entrepreneurs in Third World Countries.

  • Mentoring and guidance on employment and HR issues within your business where appropriate so that you are getting the best out of the people who work for you and staying out of employment tribunals.

  • The opportunity to purchase additional coaching hours from me at a reduction from my normal hourly rate.


For up to 6 months complete work-life support a total of £2,950 if paid for by the business or a special reduced price of £2,000 for fully self-funding clients. 

For new company sponsors I offer a complimentary consultation session of up to 1.5 hours with the executive or HR team to understand the needs, culture and aims of the business if required.

*360 degree feedback collation and analysis will be charged separately depending on the size of your team and what exactly is required. 

Payment options are available.