Prospering Solo

Many people dream of being their own boss, having the freedom to make all the decisions and answering to no one. If only running your own business and working independently were that simple and stress-free.

You have no one to bounce things off, no one to hold you accountable when you feel like having a duvet day, and no one to deal with the stuff you don't want to, or aren't naturally inclined to do. It can be easy to lose yourself in your dreams and concepts so having someone to hold you accountable on the practical stuff can make the difference between being an impoverished artist and a superstar in your field.

Furthermore, the mental and psychological toll entrepreneurship can bring also often takes people by surprise. And then there’s life outside of work, which can bring its own set of challenges and if things aren't right in one area, the other will suffer.  This is why holistic business and life coaching specifically focussed around you and your business gets the best results, tackling where you’re at from all angles, so that you can get to where you want to be instead as painlessly as possible. 


In the Prospering Solo programme which is aimed specifically at early stage founders, creatives and freelancers, over a 4-6 month period I will :

  • Help you get clear on your goals and work out a structured plan to achieving them.

  • Keep you on track and hold you accountable to your plan and goals.

  • Help you to build the emotional resilience needed as a founder or freelancer.

  • Be a sounding board when inevitable setbacks come your way, enabling you to bounce back quicker.

  • Celebrate your successes with you.

  • Help you prepare psychologically and practically for important meetings and pitches.

  • Be an impartial and objective person to run things past; friends and family, wonderful as they are, will only be interested in your business to a point.

  • Provide structure where you need it, especially for talented creatives and free-spirits.

  • Propel you forward when you seem to have reached a plateau.

  • Give you the support, friendship, cheerleading and human connection that is often missing when you're working alone.


Over a 4 – 6 month period you will get

  • 7 x one hour one-to-one coaching sessions with me by Skype. Generally this will be a 2 hour initial kick off session followed by 1 hour per month however you can control the speed we go.

  • Support to create a personalised 90 day plan to help you improve on the elements of life and work that you want to focus on

  • Weekly email accountability check in against your plan and actions - keeping you on track between sessions.

  • Coaching around “hot spot” areas that come up in your report and plan

  • Access to me during the sessions and limited emergency email access in between

  • The option to purchase additional coaching hours with me at a reduced rate if needed

  • £10 donation to Lend With Care organisation which supports entrepreneurs in Third World Countries


Total investment for up to 6 months of support for £1,450. Payment plans are available. 

* The Prospering Solo programme is available to creatives, freelancers and founders of businesses with under 150k revenue only. For Founders of businesses of over 150k revenue please refer to the Alternative Exec programme.