Mastering Middle Management

For Middle, New & Aspiring Managers and Leaders Who Want to be Their Best.

There are many reasons why Middle Managers however talented, feel the pain more than other levels. They’re the do-ers, the make or break of everyone beneath and to some extent above them, the executors of company strategy. Often it’s an impossible exhausting juggling act between doing their own work, leading others and managing upwards as well as down.  They tend to do less of the creative, applied or technical stuff they enjoy or were great at and spend more time implementing decisions they haven’t made and trying to lead and inspire the people around them.

Whether you’re the middle manager yourself or the forward thinking, conscious employer who wants to support them, you’ll know that this role holds a unique set of challenges that are tricky to navigate alone. Known as a “neglected but critical group”, they’ve been found to experience higher levels of depression, stress and anxiety than other levels at work.

Investing in coaching and support with someone who thoroughly understands the complexities of this level can reduce absence levels, improve efficiency, reduce turnover and increase wellbeing for them and for the people they support and are supporting.


In the Mastering Middle Management programme, coaching is focused on the areas that are most relevant at this stage in their career and life such as:

  • Confidence building and overcoming self-doubt.

  • Discovering their own authentic leadership style.

  • Improving wellbeing, balance in life and managing stress & mental health

  • Getting the balance between doing their own job and managing other people.

  • Navigating organisational politics.

  • Managing people who have been there longer & are older than them.

  • Learning the art of delegating appropriately.

  • Increasing your influencing powers and skills.

  • Making the leap from friend and colleague to manager.

  • Handling difficult conversations

  • Managing upwards

  • Planning the next steps in their life and career


Over a 6 month period as a middle manager you will get :

  • 5.5 x one hour one to one focussed coaching sessions with me in person or by Skype.

  • 1 x in-depth Insights Discovery Personality Profiling report plus additional one hour report debrief session with me by Skype. This detailed report examines personality traits, strengths, weaknesses, management style and blind spots that will be relevant to how you perform best and where you may be challenged as a manager. We can use this as a basis to develop your strengths and work on your weaknesses so that you can become even more successful.

  • Support creating a Personal Development plan designed to ensure your success.

  • Focussed coaching around “hot spot” areas that come up in your report and plan.

  • Access to me during the sessions.

  • £10 donation on your behalf to the Lendwithcare organisation which supports entrepreneurs in Third World Countries.

  • Ability to book further hours of coaching with me at a reduction from my normal hourly rate.


For 6 months support a total price of £2,300 if sponsored by the business.

For fully self-funded clients I offer a special reduced price of £1,600.

Payment plans are available.