Is It Embarrassing To Admit I Have a Life Coach?

It’s always interesting to me how people perceive the idea of working with a coach. ⁣

For some (many) people it feels a bit embarrassing and shameful, like admitting they have or are a problem and aren’t “good enough” to sort it out themselves. Like how it used to be stigmatised to “admit” you were in AA or “seeing a therapist. I totally get it. ⁣

For other people it’s super positive. A signal of taking themselves and their development seriously. Of having dreams and goals they want to chase and they want to give themselves the best chance of success. Those are the people who are really fun to work with. ⁣

And for others, especially at senior business and exec level where a business is paying, given the time and money involved having a coach is viewed as a status symbol to aspire to and be proud of. ⁣

I love having a coach and am proud to tell people about it - I currently work with two for different things and I have a coaching supervisor who oversees my work but also mentors me and keeps me right . I wouldn’t be without my support network and I certainly would not still be running my own business on my own terms if I had tried to go it completely alone. ⁣

Whatever perspective you start from, please let me reassure you from the other-side of the lens ….. people who have coaches aren’t fallen pigeons with broken wings (even if some might feel like it at first). They’re generally pro-active, stronger than they realise, ready to take control and some of the most inspiring people I’ve ever met. If you’re thinking about it but feel a little bit embarrassed - please don’t be and please don’t let it stop you. You’ll be in great company. ☺️