Five Things You Need To Do To Achieve Your Goals

Do you wonder why you’re constantly busy yet not actually achieving what you want to achieve? Here’s five obvious yet often overlooked things you need to do if you want to succeed at anything you’ve set your mind to.


  1. Know Your Outcome.  When you are crystal clear on your outcome and what you’re trying to achieve and why, then it’s much more likely to happen. It’s like setting out in the car and hoping to get to your friend’s house without knowing the address. Get clear on what you’re aiming for so you can give yourself the best chance of getting there.
  2. Take Action.  Do something. Without doing something happening, nothing happens. Stop procrastinating, stop waiting for it to be perfect, stop waiting til you are earning that little bit more, have lost those few more pounds, til you’ve done another qualification etc. Start right away and take small action steps every day towards your goals if you want to achieve them.
  3. Pay Attention.  Be aware of what’s happening inside and around you as you work towards your goal. Notice the feedback you’re getting, what’s working and what’s not. Don’t ignore signs from within or from other people, it’s easy to get caught up but you’ll be missing some valuable opportunities if you do.  
  4. Stick to it, and be prepared to adjust.  It can be a fine balance between not giving up at the first hurdle and being smart enough to know when something’s not working because it needs to be approached differently. Be persistent with your outcome however be willing to adjust your tactics if they’re not working in order to achieve success.
  5.  Look after yourself emotionally and physically.  If you’re tired, sluggish, putting unhealthy food into your body etc etc you are simply putting yourself in the worst possible position to achieve what you want to achieve. Eating well, drinking less, exercising more and doing things that you enjoy will increase your resilience, motivation and clarity of thought making you much more likely to achieve your outcome.