Forget Passion

I know, I know. What kind of a Coach tells people to forget their passion? Eh?

When it comes to our lives & careers we have this almost obsession with needing to follow our passion in life in order to find meaning and joy in what we do.

Now, if you know or think you might know what your passion is then that’s great and do that, for sure.

However what if you don’t actually know?

Is there something wrong with you if you like a lot of stuff but don’t necessarily feel a calling to make something your life’s work? If nothing is shouting at you … “it’s me! Pick me! You were born to do this single amazing wonderful thing that is me!”

Are you going to live a “less than” life because you don’t have this clear, defined thing you want to do or be?

Truth is, many people simply don’t know.

Obsessing about finding your one passion keeps you STUCK and dissatisfied. You’re not weird. It’s perfectly ok not to know.

Desperation to find it can take the joy out of things that we might otherwise enjoy. It can make people feel depressed and empty. Focussing on what they don’t have instead of what they do.

Instead of waiting until you’ve found your passion, comparing yourself to others who seem to be laser focussed on what they want from their life, forcing it, or stressing over whether you’ll ever find your version of it ….. Give Yourself A Break.

Let it go. Screw Passion. Choose to follow your curiosity instead.

Explore. Have fun. Be interested. Don’t put so much weight on this being “IT”. Be curious and explore the things you’re interested in with no expectation or attachment to the outcome.

When I first started training in the field of NLP and personal development I never expected it would become my career, I was just interested in it, I actually expected to keep it all to myself just for my personal growth.

Now having followed that curiosity I know that even if I won the lottery tomorrow and never had to work a day in my life, I would still coach and mentor people. Had I approached it from the start with the outcome of “this is going to be my life’s work and this is what I’m going to do now forever” I’d have probably dismissed it, resented it, hated it and walked away. I wasn’t passionate at the start, how could I be? I didn’t know anything about it. But I was curious, and the more I learned, the more I loved it and the more it became a passion.

Make sense?

With a curious, playful and open mind and with no expectation or attachment, you too might just stumble on your passion, or, you may find that there’s so much in life that interests you that having just one passion in life is pretty boring anyway and that’s ok too.